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Company in brief

Company in brief

Tobii Dynavox at a glance

Tobii Dynavox is the market leader in assistive technology for communication. Our custom designed communication aids and corresponding support system enable people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, ALS, autism, spinal cord injury and aphasia to communicate and live their lives to the fullest.

Power to be You

Our offering ranges from eye-controlled communication aids for speech generation to tools for the special education classroom. We empower people with disabilities to do what they once did, or never thought possible, such as expressing themselves in a voice of their own or developing literacy skills. We call this Power to be You, and it explains our belief that every individual has the right to live their life to the fullest, communicate, and live a more independent life. This makes a major impact on the people using our technology and those around them. It also benefits entire communities, healthcare systems and society at large.

Fulfilling a need

With integrated solutions featuring hardware, software, clinically developed language systems, training, and dedicated support, Tobii Dynavox stands out as a truly global, full solution provider in the assistive technology for communication market. There is an enormous unmet need for such products. Globally, around50 million individuals need communication aids to communicate and interact effectively, while only about 2 million are diagnosed with this need every year. Furthermore, a subset of only about 2%, or 40,000, of those diagnosed are actually served every year due to low awareness, poor implementation support and lack of funding infrastructure — even in some of the most well-developed and wealthy countries.

Global reach

We leverage a global distribution network and an extensive funding support system to enable as many as possible to benefit from our communication solutions. Headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden, Tobii Dynavox employs around 500 people and covers a global market with offices in the US, the UK, Germany, China, Norway and with reselling partners in 60+ countries.

Young woman using a Tobii Dynavox speech generating device to communicate with a friend

World leader with high growth potential

~10 %


estimated annual potential growth over a very long period of time



number of people who cannot communicate effectively without communication aids today


~2 %

percentage of people diagnosed yearly who get communication aids

Tobii Dynavox offering

We make groundbreaking communication solutions to give people with disabilities a voice.

Tobii Dynavox world class technology icon

World class technology

We empower independent communication with cutting-edge technology.

Tobii Dynavox companion for the journey icon

Companion for the journey

We evolve with the needs of the communicator by developing new tools and innovative features.

Tobii Dynavox ecosystem of support icon

Ecosystem of support

We support those using our solutions and their care circle every step of the way with dedicated, in-house expertise.