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Our investment case

Why invest in Tobii Dynavox?

Tobii Dynavox AB (Publ), a publicly listed company on Nasdaq Stockholm, is the market leader in assistive technology for communication with compelling reasons to invest.

“Tobii Dynavox offers a chance to invest for good. It’s also an opportunity to join the market leader in assistive technology for communication on a robust growth journey, as we address the needs of an underserved audience of around 50 million people and a market with underlying annual growth of 10%.”

— Fredrik Ruben, Chief Executive Officer, Tobii Dynavox

1. An impactful investment

Assistive technology solutions vastly improve quality of life for people with communication disabilities by enabling them to express themselves and live more independently. Tobii Dynavox is driving the adoption of this technology worldwide, thereby creating a genuine positive impact on those using the technology, their families, national healthcare systems, and society at large.

2. An underserved, growing market

There are around 50 million people worldwide in need of communication aids who are significantly underserved. They represent a total addressable market (TAM) estimated at USD 5bn. The serviceable obtainable market (SOM) is forecast to grow steadily by ~10% per year for decades ahead, driven by growing awareness of assistive technology, and progress in funding infrastructures.

3. Leding market positions

Tobii Dynavox is a market leader in assistive technology for communication, with a strong position in the special education market. This is thanks to a sophisticated combination of device hardware, application software, language systems, and services and support offered globally.

4. A magnet for top talent

With a purpose-driven mission and strong focus on employee satisfaction, Tobii Dynavox has achieved top employer accolades in both Sweden and the US, as well as high internal approval ratings. This strong employer brand and ability to attract top talent is key to current success and long-term business sustainability.

5. Unique and innovative

Operating in a specialized market with high barriers to entry, Tobii Dynavox offers solutions that are hard to replicate, first-mover advantage on many technological innovations, an unmatched global network of specialists and distributors, expert support for funding, and lifelong customer loyalty.

6. Cash generative and profitable

Tobii Dynavox has a proven cash generative business model poised for profitable growth and a robust customer base with more than 75% of revenue derived from public funding bodies and insurance companies. In combination with clearly identified reinvestment levers for revenue growth and tangible margin expansion drivers, the scene is set for attractive shareholder returns.

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