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May 04, 2023

Tobii Dynavox launches TD I-Series to empower people with disabilities with independence

Tobii Dynavox, the world leader in assistive communications, introduces the TD I-Series, a fast, light and durable communication aid that is controlled with the eyes. Purpose-built for individuals with conditions such as ALS, cerebral palsy, or Rett Syndrome, the TD I-Series comes with enhanced eye tracking and a wide range of pre-loaded applications for easy communication. It starts shipping today.

TD I-Series is a medically certified, eye gaze-enabled communication aid featuring the world’s leading eye tracker from Tobii. The Windows-based device encourages independence, offering the ability to communicate, learn and control your environment, such as doors, lights and your phone, using just your eyes.

“With the TD I-Series we take another key step in supporting individuals with communication disabilities to live more independent lives, said Markus Cederlund, Chief Product Officer, Tobii Dynavox. With significantly improved eye tracking capabilities and the most comprehensive library of applications for easy communication, the TD I-Series helps people with disabilities to interact easily with their loved ones and take part in the society.”

The TD I-Series builds on the success of its predecessor and the company’s flagship product, I-Series. The TD I-Series has been bolstered with several enhancements: 

  • Enhanced eye tracking performance:The new integrated eye tracker is custom-built for Tobii Dynavox to enable optimal eye tracking accuracy and responsiveness for users with disabilities, who sometimes have involuntary movement patterns. In addition, the technology has been enhanced to allow the TD I-Series to be controlled from wider gaze angles and to deliver superior eye tracking capability outdoors, even in sunlight.  
  • Applications empowering independence:TD I-Series comes preloaded with a range of software applications:
    • The recently launched speech-generating app TD Talk provides intuitive word-prediction, which enables quick eye gaze-based speech. It integrates with Acapela Group’s voice banking solution, my-own-voice, so that people with conditions such as ALS can easily capture their own unique voice, to create a personalized synthetic voice and use it directly in TD Talk.
    • TD Snap, the flexible symbol-based software, offers a choice of powerful tools for communication and learning.
    • TD Phone, enables users to make phone calls and send text messages on iPhone and Android devices with their eyes through a user-friendly phone interface. 
    • TD Browse and TD Control provide an unmatched eye tracking experience when browsing the internet, controlling the TD I-Series and when using files.
  • Memory enhancement:The RAM has been increased from 8GB to 16GB, enabling users to have more applications open simultaneously and quickly switch between them without having to close them down.

The TD I-Series comes in two screen sizes, 13 inches and 16 inches. It includes powerful integrated speakers and a mount for easy placement on wheelchairs. 

For more information about TD I-Series, please visit: TD I-Series | eye tracking-enabled SGD | world’s #1 eye tracker - Tobii Dynavox Global

TD-I-Series Delaina-Beach C5 3000x2250
TD-I-Series Browse-Youtube 3000x2250
TD-I-Series Delaina-Gym 3000x2250
TD-I-Series Delaina-Brewery TD-Phone 3000x2250


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Tobii Dynavox is the global leader in assistive communication. Our custom designed solutions enable people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, ALS, autism and spinal cord injury to communicate with a voice of their own, develop literacy skills and live more independently. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have benefited from our integrated solutions, which include hardware, software, clinically developed language systems, special education tools, training, and dedicated support. Using AI-based speech synthesis, we offer users a personalized voice identity in over 30 languages, for children and adults. We offer an extensive funding support system to reach as many people as possible. Headquartered in Sweden, Tobii Dynavox employs over 600 people with offices in the US, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France and China, and reselling partners in 60+ countries. For more information, please visit our IR website: Tobii Dynavox Investor Relations.