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februario 22, 2022

__biSgid://shopify/OnlineStoreArticle/560941269176_key_title__biiTobii Dynavox launches the reinvented TD I-110 to empower communication for people with autism__biE


Tobii Dynavox, the global leader in assistive technology for communication, today announces the TD I-110, its touch-based speech generating device for Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). The communication aid has an ultra-rugged design and powerful performance to fit the needs of individuals with speech impairments and disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy and aphasia. 

The new TD I-110 is a purpose-built, Windows-based communication device that caters to the needs of active people with autism, in many cases children, who need a durable device that can keep up with their daily activity. When the original I-110 was launched five years ago, it quickly became the industry standard as one of the most popular touch-based communication aids. Now the next generation, the TD I-110, will deliver an even more durable design and enhanced performance. 

With an integrated crash case, Gorilla Glass touch screen and water-resistant design, the TD I-110 fits the needs of people who live an active and social life. With up to three times the processing speed compared to its predecessor and double the memory and storage, TD I-110 allows for intuitive and quick communication while offering extensive capacity to store videos, photos, and e-books. TD I-110 can handle communication needs for up to ten hours of run time and the extra-loud speakers give people a voice even in loud spaces. TD Snap, the symbol-supported software that draws on Tobii Dynavox’s 50,000+ PCS (Picture Communication Symbols), comes pre-loaded on TD I-110.  

"I am proud to introduce the new TD I-110, which is even better than the original I-110 and sets a new standard for durability and performance for touch-based communication aids. We have listened to feedback from our users with autism, aphasia and cerebral palsy, as well as professionals, such as speech language pathologists. The TD I-110 empowers people with disabilities to communicate what they want, without the worry of losing their voice when they are active," said Fredrik Ruben, President of Tobii Dynavox." 

Touch-based communication aids have consistently been the products that Tobii Dynavox has sold in highest volumes. They are used by people with a variety of disabilities such as autism, cerebral palsy, aphasia and Down’s syndrome. By reinventing one of Tobii Dynavox’s most loved touch-based flagship products and enhancing performance and durability, people with disabilities can communicate using a familiar interface. Familiarity with products and interfaces is highly appreciated among our users and builds trust and loyalty. 

The TD I-110 is available today and can be ordered via or through our network of Tobii Dynavox sales consultants and resellers. Learn more about the TD I-110 here: 

About Autism and the need for communication aids 

According to the American Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), about 1 percent of the world’s population has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) – over 75,000,000 people. Further research indicates that an estimated 40 percent of people with autism are nonverbal, and therefore likely to benefit from a speech-generating communication aid. Tobii Dynavox work closely with medical specialists and speech language pathologists to identify the right communication aids for the people diagnosed, and to support them throughout the start-up process and ongoing usage. 

__biSgid://shopify/Metafield/21399734288568_key_value__biiTD I-110 with TD Snap EN
TD I-110 Front with TD Snap
TD I-110 with TD Snap Ground waterdrops Close-up
TD I-110 Front R Angle with TD Snap
TD I-110 with TD Snap
TD I-110 with TD Snap Run Ground Shoe EN__biE



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Tobii Dynavox is the global leader in assistive communication. Our custom designed solutions enable people with disabilities such as cerebral palsy, ALS, autism and spinal cord injury to communicate with a voice of their own, develop literacy skills and live more independently. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have benefited from our integrated solutions, which include hardware, software, clinically developed language systems, special education tools, training, and dedicated support. Using AI-based speech synthesis, we offer users a personalized voice identity in over 30 languages, for children and adults. We offer an extensive funding support system to reach as many people as possible. Headquartered in Sweden, Tobii Dynavox employs over 600 people with offices in the US, the UK, Ireland, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, France and China, and reselling partners in 60+ countries. For more information, please visit our IR website: Tobii Dynavox Investor Relations.