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Our investment case

Why invest in Tobii Dynavox?

Tobii Dynavox AB (Publ), a publicly listed company on Nasdaq Stockholm, is the market leader in assistive technology for communication with compelling reasons to invest.

“Tobii Dynavox offers a chance to invest for good. It’s also an opportunity to join the market leader in assistive communication on a robust growth journey, as we address the needs of an underserved audience of around 50 million people.”

— Fredrik Ruben, Chief Executive Officer, Tobii Dynavox

Invest in Tobii Dynavox

Tobii Dynavox is a socially sustainable business with consistent profitable growth. The assistive communication solutions we offer give people who have different communication abilities a voice and the Power to be You.

Means of personal expression and a more meaningful life

We offer people with communication impairments the opportunity to communicate and be active participants in society. Our assistive communication solutions meet the increasing demand for inclusion expressed in the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Global leader in an underdeveloped market with significant growth potential

Some 50 million people in the world cannot communicate without assistive communication solutions. Each year, about 2 million people are diagnosed with a need for communication aids. Yet, only about 2% of those are actually being helped.

Ownership of the comprehensive solution

We are the only company offering a complete assistive communication solution. Because we own all elements in our solution, we can meet the market’s growing need today and in the future.

Consistent profitable growth

Since Tobii Dynavox listed as a standalone business in 2021, we have delivered consistent profitable growth. We have a business that is scalable, and which has demonstrated the ability to convert increased revenue into profitable growth.

Our financials

Our share, financial targets, and more.

Our impact

The impact we have on society.

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