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Our impact

Tobii Dynavox communication aids change the lives of people with disabilities by enabling greater independence. They also bring substantial relief to family members, communities, healthcare systems and society as a whole. Those using our technology gain valuable rights by having a voice.

Our ESG strategy

While Tobii Dynavox has a clear focus on social sustainability via our offering of life-changing assistive communication solutions, we also strive to lead with a broader ESG focus, one that includes strong business ethics, a fair and inclusive workplace, and a low impact on the environment. These are the responsibilities of all company employees, as well as our partners and suppliers.

Boy with autism sitting on swing while using a TD I-110 speech generating device.

Our sustainability goals

We contribute directly to several of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals, which form the core of our sustainability strategy. Our communication aids have so far helped hundreds of thousands of people, enabling them to gain literacy, use a digital voice, and access computers with just their eyes.

Our six focus areas:

#3 Good health & well-being

We empower those who use our solutions to make their voice heard and be more independent, impacting their well-being and the lives of those around them.

#4 Quality education

We help students with disabilities learn literacy skills via inclusive communication solutions designed for both the special education classroom and home schooling.

#10 Reduced inequalities

We create conditions for inclusion in society by enabling those with disabilities to communicate and use the same technology as everyone else.

#8 Decent work & economic growth

We enable more people with disabilities to work and study, contributing to the economy and reducing healthcare costs while improving the work environment of our own employees and those working across our supply chain.

#12 Responsible consumption & production

We make products that consume as little energy as possible while allowing for repair and replacement of components to extend their life cycle.

#13 Climate action

We commit to reducing our environmental impact and strive to reduce CO2 emissions from office energy consumption, product transport and business travel.


Listen to an interview with our Chief People and Sustainability Officer for an update on where we stand and where we’re heading:

Success stories

Meet some of the people who inspire our work. They communicate in new ways when facing the challenges that come with being unable to use their hands, voice or both.

Meet Brock

This energetic kid on the autism spectrum takes his communication aid with him wherever he goes. He’s even started teaching his classmates how to use it.

Meet Delaina

This young woman with cerebral palsy graduated from university with a marketing degree and uses her skills and experience as a disability influencer and advocate.

Solutions that change lives

Tobii Dynavox creates assistive communication solutions that directly improve the well-being and inclusion in society of hundreds of thousands of people and potentially millions more.

Furthermore, our solutions for the special education classroom also help students with disabilities learn to read and write and provide them with a voice so that they are not excluded from the mainstream education system, whether in the classroom or at home.

Our special education software, Boardmaker, helps millions of students with learning challenges by drawing on our library of over 50,000 Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) for effective communication, inclusive learning, and customized education programs for students with disabilities. To date, over 230,000 people worldwide have benefitted from our solutions.



Number of assistive communication devices delivered since 2013

230,000 voices


Number of assistive communication devices delivered since 2013

Our 2025 goals

  • Provide assistive communication solutions more effectively to those in need worldwide
  • Increase access to our PCS symbols in commonly used training and communication tools
  • Increase representation from a diversity perspective so that more people can identify with our products regardless of their background and we can reach more students with special needs

A sustainable work environment

As a business, Tobii Dynavox has the opportunity to drive inclusion in society. As an employer, naturally this extends to our own workplace as well.

We have a desire and obligation to contribute to greater equality and representation in our organization, which entails having a diverse workforce in terms of skills, nationality, class, age, gender, disability, culture, family background, ethnicity, sexual orientation and everything else that makes us unique as human beings. We strive to better reflect this diversity among our employees in order to add new perspectives to our business.

In this way, we can better understand the varied perspectives of our customers, adapt our solutions and make an even greater difference to people around the world. As an employer, Tobii Dynavox also directly impacts our employees’ safety, work environment and development opportunities via our health and safety policies and procedures, and indirectly across our supply chain, through our supplier code of conduct. We also focus on a sustainable work-life balance with a hybrid work-from-home model available to all employees.

Our employees’ satisfaction shows in our latest eSAT score of 75, which translates to 76% of Tobii Dynavox employees feeling positive about working for the organization.

Our objective by 2025 is to offer and develop a healthy psychosocial work environment and even more positive work climate.



Percentage of women represented
at all levels of the company


eSAT = 75

Employee satisfaction score on
a scale of 0 to 100



Percentage of women represented
at all levels of the company

eSAT = 75


Employee satisfaction score on
a scale of 0 to 100

Our 2025 goals

  • Increase the share of underrepresented employee groups to better reflect the markets where we operate  
  • Launch a program to become a good workplace for employees with various disabilities and neurodiversities
  • Provide employees with access to individual skills training based on personal development needs
  • Create a workplace where internal mobility is as important as external mobility
  • Establish a global program to help employees take care of their physical and mental health

Environment and climate action

Product life cycle and transport create our greatest impact on the environment and climate.

To mitigate this impact, we have improved our inventory to allow for earlier shipping, resulting in more devices being shipped by surface than by air in 2022. We’ve also continued to maximize the life cycle of our devices by making them robust enough to cope with different types of environments, while consuming low energy and allowing for repair and replacement of components.  

To minimize scrap and electronic waste, our production team also repairs returned and faulty devices, which we then lend to our customers to try before they commit. This has led to 812 assistive communication devices being reused this year alone. Furthermore, like all responsible companies, everyone in the organization is responsible for reducing our overall environmental impact, from reducing energy consumption to minimizing business travel.

Man repairing a Tobii Dynavox assistive communication device.


ISO 13485 & 9001

Recertification completed in 2021



Number of refurbished devices loaned out in 2022


ISO 13485 & 9001

Recertification completed in 2021



Number of refurbished devices loaned out in 2022

Emissions & electricity consumption

We monitor the following emissions and aim to further develop these metrics, particularly the indirect emissions resulting from the production and use of our communication devices:

Type of emission Emissions 2022

Emissions from private cars used for business purposes and leased cars

461 (539) tCO2e2

Emissions from purchased electricity and heat

413 (310) tCO2e3

Electricity consumption (Sweden)

75,336 (90,257) kWh + 216 (221) mWh for heat

Electricity consumption (US)

861,794 (709,558) kWh + 3,240 (3172) m3 gas

Transport of goods, Sweden and the US (2021 data only for Sweden)

527 (188) tCO2e4

Emissions from aviation globally (2021 data only for Sweden)

383 (19) tCO2e5

If the above emissions were instead to be reconfigured as scope 1−3 of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, the summary would be as follows:

Scope 1: 474 (10.4) tCO2e
Leased cars and business trips by car.

Scope 2: 413 (309.9) tCO2e
Purchased electricity and heat, US accounts for the majority (92%) of the figure.

Scope 3: 1,162 (1 736.4) tCO2e
Transportation of products (45%) business travel by air (33%) account for the majority of emissions; otherwise, employee commuting to work 15%, waste management 4, capital goods 3%.

Our 2025 goals

  • Develop a program to increase reuse and recycling of our products and product packaging
  • Include environmental impact as an active factor in our procurement processes for goods and services, with a focus on components for our products  
  • Minimize plastic in our product packaging and maximize the use of recycled materials
  • A 20% reduction in the environmental impact of business travel per employee and year by 2025
  • Distribute at least half of our products by ship (instead of by air or road)
  • Develop a program to encourage employees who drive for business to use vehicles powered by renewable energy

(see how these calculations were made on p. 55 of our Sustainability Report)

Code of conduct

The Tobii Dynavox Code of Conduct defines our business ethics principles. It is based on the UN Global Compact, the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises, EU Market Abuse Regulation, the Nasdaq rule book, and the Swedish Corporate Governance Code.

The Code of Business Conduct is a framework that includes the Employer Policy, Anti-corruption Policy, Export Policy, Information Policy, Insider Trading Policy, Whistleblower Policy, Environmental Policy and Supplier Policy.

The Tobii Dynavox Supplier Code of Conduct is based on the Responsible Business Alliance Code of Conduct, which is an industry standard for companies in the electronics industry, and includes human and labor rights, anti-corruption and the environment and climate. Both our own Code of Conduct and the Supplier Code of Conduct state that all employees should have freedom of association. All new employees complete training in the Code of Business Conduct.

Learn more about our corporate governance >