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martio 29, 2023

Acapela Group announces my-own-voice 4 to enable easy creation of personalized AI-based synthetic voices

my-own-voice on TD Pilot

Acapela Group, an independent and fully-owned subsidiary of Tobii Dynavox, today announced version 4 of its AI-based solution my-own-voice, making it even easier to create a high-quality personalized synthetic voice for individuals with voice impairments. The new version will be available later this year.

my-own-voice 4 is a web-based solution, developed to easily create a personalized synthetic voice, based on either existing recordings (message banking) or the user’s own voice recordings (voice banking.) It is primarily used by those who have lost their voice due to conditions such as ALS, aphasia or apraxia. The ability to communicate with a personal, unique voice is considered vital by many individuals who lose their natural voice, in order to keep their sense of personal identity.  

my-own-voice 4 leverages the latest Deep Neural Networks technology to make it easier than ever before to create a unique voice identity by recording just 50 sentences in 10 minutes. The voice generated is instantly recognizable, with distinct intonation and accent, resulting in leading voice quality.   

The new version will be demonstrated on Tobii Dynavox communication aids at Acapela Group’s booth at the BETT Education Technology show in London, March 29-31 (booth #NC51.) It is available in over 20 languages, offering voices with various accents for people of all ages, from children to adults. my-own-voice can be used with most  Tobii Dynavox communication aids, by people with conditions such as cerebral palsy, ALS, aphasia and autism. By using the speech-generating app TD Talk, messages can be typed with the eyes to project the synthetic voice through the built-in speakers of a Tobii Dynavox communication aid. 

my-own-voice 4 was  named as the 2023 CES Innovation Awards winner earlier this year at the highly influential CES show in Las Vegas, confirming its high quality and innovative power.  



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